Need Spring Seeding?

Yes, last year was quite the epic drought – let’s hope for no repeat this year. Fall is the best time to seed; Unfortunately, maybe you did not get your seeding done last fall. Spring is not a great time to see, but… If you choose to seed in the spring, there could be some desiccation of young plants Heading into summer, as well as competition with crabgrass and weeds, and possible Need for some fall seeding as well. Most normal pre-emergent crabgrass and weed Controls applied in the spring also stop new grass seed from growing. Proper mowing, watering, and maintenance can help your turf fill in on its own. Please bear that In mind as you decide which direction to go.

The options for spring seeding:

  1. Seed early and delay the application of pre-emergent crabgrass control Until late may/early June or once new seeds are up long enough to have been mowed.
  2. Apply pre-emergent as usual on schedule- and after that- apply loam and seed On only the areas you deem necessary on the lawn.
  3. Apply pre-emergent as usual on schedule- water in several times to set herbicide-
    Then after that- core aerates lawn a couple of times and overseed or slit seed. The idea here is to penetrate the soil profile and pre-emergent herbicide, and allow the seed to germinate in the holes/disrupted soil.

These are your best options, short of sodding. You may get some amount of crabgrass and weeds but it should not be overwhelming but expected. There are some specialty herbicides that Can be applied to help prevent crabgrass and weeds and still allow seeding, but please note these Type products are expensive and are only an aid-not nearly 100% control.

Also please be aware you will want to be watering new seeds at least 2x a day to establish.

If you choose to do spring seeding, please notify us ASAP, so we may properly schedule your treatments. Thank you!