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JBTurf Hiring Notice

We’re Hiring Lawn Care Technicians

JBTurf is hiring for full-time and part-time positions in lawn care. We are located in Lunenburg, MA, and service local towns in and around Groton, MA. If you have a positive attitude, a passion for lawn care, and enjoy working outdoors, please apply for a lawn care job at JBTurf.

Irrigation Partner

Our Irrigation Partner

Since JBTurf does not offer irrigation system installation and repair, we recommend the sprinkler pros at Brookview Irrigation.  Please tell Chris Josh with JBTurf referred you if you do choose to contact them.  They will take good care of you and your lawn.

Tick Spraying Affiliation

Solutions For Ticks

JBTurf is a service provider in Groton, MA, and nearby.  Since we are a local small business, we can only provide our services to the local communities.  If you have found our website and our outside our service area, is the best resource to get connected to a flea and tick treatment expert in your area.

Learn More About Ticks, Their Dangers, & Lyme Disease

View JBTurf’s Tick and Lyme Info PDF

Tick & Lyme Disease Questions and Answers

View JBTurf’s Tick and Lyme Q’s and A’s PDF 

Test a Tick For Pathogens

Tick Testing PDF by Tick Reports

Tips For Working With A Lawn Care Service From The MDAR

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