Lawn Care Jobs at JBTurf

JBTurf has lawn care jobs available.  We’re really interested in someone who is interested in making a career in lawn care.

We are seeking to hire a full-time employee and would consider part-time employment if that is all of the time you have available.

Your title will be ‘lawn care technician’ and you will be applying the lawn treatments or other services we offer at our customers locations in and around Groton, MA.  Our office/headquarters is located in Lunenburg, MA.  This is where you would start and stop each day.

Why work at JBTurf?

JBTurf offers a fast-paced work environment where you will be surrounded by positive and encouraging fellow staff member.

Your initial salary will be determined based on your experience.

Ask us about our sign-on bonus!

All JBTurf employees are eligible for vacation time after 6 months of employment.

How to apply at JBTurf

Call us or use any contact form on our website to apply for a lawn care technician at JBTurf.