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2024 will be our 27th year providing lawn care services to Groton and nearby towns in Massachusetts.  If you are seeking the best possible care for your lawn, you sound like someone we would love to speak to!

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JBTurf offers traditional and organic lawn care programs along with specialized lawn care services available as add-ons services to our base lawn care programs.

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New England Lawn Care Resources

We love educated clients! Learn about lawn care best practices and information regarding turf disease, fungi, and lawn pests specific to Groton, MA, and nearby.

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Lawn Care Programs Should Not Be One-Size-Fits-All!

The turf specialists at JBTurf are lawn care fanatics!  We perform soil tests and use those results in conjunction with our years of experience to analyze the current state of your lawn and customize each treatment to deliver your lawn exactly what it needs at that time.

Lawn Fertilizer Service

Lawn Fertilizer Service

Customized lawn care programs that deliver your lawn the nutrients and herbicides it actually needs.

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Weed Control Near Me

Weed Control in Turf

Systematic spraying of weeds in existing lawns as to not damage the surrounding desired turf.

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Grassy Weed Control Near Me

Nutsedge & Grassy Weed Control

Yes! We offer pre & post-emergent options for controlling crabgrass, nutsedge, and other grassy weeds.

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Organic Lawn Care Near Me

Organic Lawn Care

Our organic lawn care program is perfect for those concerned about the environment, or with pets or kids.

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Soil Sampling Service

Soil Sampling Service

By taking soil samples and having them tested for nutrient values in the lab, we can tailor your service.

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Aeration and Seeding

Aeration and Seeding

Fertilizer and weed control can only do so much if your lawn has compacted soil. We always recommend aerating!

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Tick Treatment Groton MA

Tick Treatment

Lyme disease is much more prevalent in New England than in other parts of the country. We treat for ticks!

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Turf Disease Treatment

Turf Disease Treatment

Environmental conditions can introduce turf disease and fungi to the healthiest of lawns. We are the experts you want caring for your lawn if it is being affected by turf disease.

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Lawn Pest Control Groton MA

Lawn Pest Control

Our lawn care services also include pest control of insects and rodents that like to wreak havoc on lawns.

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Lawn Care Programs Available In Groton & Nearby

JBTurf got started in Groton, MA in 1998!  Our current location is in Lunenburg.  We are able to service lawns located in the following towns:

  • Groton, MA
  • Lunenburg, MA
  • Ayer, MA
  • Shirley, MA
  • Devens, MA
  • Littleton, MA
  • Westford, MA
  • Chelmsford, MA
  • Tyngsboro, MA
  • Pepperell, MA
  • Townsend, MA
  • Dunstable, MA