A couple of weeks ago it was warm and sunny and we were mowing our lawns, now it’s cold, snowy, and frozen….that’s New England for you!

JBTurf’s lawn winterization tips for you:

  1. The ground is not frozen in many areas; please use extreme care with snow plows and removal equipment and try to stay on the pavement.
  2. Wrap sensitive landscape plants with burlap or sheathing or plywood tents and apply anti-desiccant sprays especially to evergreen plants.
  3. Be careful applying ice-melter products, do not get them onto turf areas or plants if possible.
  4. And finally, if you haven’t yet done so stake or put driveway markers out to make it easier plowing and snow blowing.

JBTurf can apply the fertilizer your lawn needs to have all of the nutrients it needs available as it prepares for dormancy.