Improper mowing can create severe lawn problems. The most common mistakes are mowing too short or not mowing often enough. These errors can look unsightly and can weaken or even kill the grass plants.

Mow Your Grass Tall & Often

Never mow shorter than 2.5  to 3 inches in height. 3.5 inches is acceptable in the summer months. Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. This means mowing often enough to keep up with the lawn’s growth rate. This is typically every 4-5 days during spring and fall, and every 6-7 days in the summer for actively growing turf.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

You should sharpen your mower blade often. Dull blades shred the grass tips, creating injury and openings for lawn disease to infect the grass plants. Watch for the shredded, whitish appearance of grass tips as a sign of dull blades.

Recycle Grass Clippings Back Into The Turf

Clippings should not be removed but returned to the lawn to recycle nutrients, add organic matter, and reseed themselves. Clippings should only be removed or bagged if they are excessive, clumping, or smothering the lawn. Clippings do not contribute to thatch build-up.