Overwatering or under watering your lawn creates stress which can promote disease, insect and weed pressure, and unsightly thinning/clumping turf.

How much water does a lawn need?

On average 1.5 inches of water per week is adequate for most lawns. Determine how long it takes your sprinkler to deliver 1.5 inches of water by placing a can under the sprinkler and timing how long it takes to fill the can to a depth of 1.5 inches. Be sure to saturate your soil to a depth of 5-6″ during each watering. Extra water is often needed along curbs, walkways, and pavement. Less water in shady areas. Sandy soils drain faster and may require watering more frequently. Loam and clay soils will hold water longer and require less frequent watering.

What time of day is best to water a lawn?

Water your lawn in the early morning hours. This ensures the water goes down into the root zone, and not lost by evaporation. Water infrequently such as l time per week and only increase frequency as weather and soil conditions dictate. Be sure to use a properly installed and functioning rain sensor for your irrigation system.