As you all know, the weather has been hot and dry, we are now in a severe drought. All of our lawns have been exposed to extreme heat and are drought-stressed.

Some lawn tips for dealing with drought stress:

Limit activity on your stressed lawn, mow early morning or early evening.

Focus on Watering

Keep your lawn cut at roughly 3 1/2″ height – do not stop mowing and let your lawn get to 4-5″ and leave it. This just creates a great environment for diseases, fungi, and insects.

Now is a great time to audit your irrigation systems and watering practices as it’s easy to see where your dry and hot spots are and to address them.

Some lawns not being irrigated may not survive or recover very well, please plan early for your fall-time seeding needs. Schedule with us as soon as possible if needed as we book up fast for fall seeding services.

You can find additional info on The University of Massachusett’s website: